9 new services

Today we released nine new research services. So now we sell Panic, Street, Blindspot, Fog, Chaos, Awake, Black hole, War and Zen. Yes, its true we actually sell Panic and War. They’re all very advanced research services with the aim of understanding the future by looking closely at the present NOW. Have a nice day, […]

Autumn 2012

We are currently rebuilding and updating the site, so sorry about the slight inconvenience. In short there will be information about the services we offer to customers and we are also moving the old blog magazine to the new platform to make it searchable in the new system. The old material is still available at […]

catching the wave

Welcome to SLAAK November 2004 We have worked very hard lately. Its been almost constantly seven-day weeks and 14-16 hour days. Which is the reason this issue is so delayed and shorter than usual. And a lot of other people we know are doing the same at the moment. The reason? Much more customer related […]

stockholm sunrise

Welcome to SLAAK October 2004 The most important observation we have done during the period of mid September to mid October is that Stockholm is clearly picking up steam now. We had a chat with our local bank manager the other day. During that chat we asked him if he had noticed any difference lately. […]

end of a long night

Welcome to SLAAK September 2004 After a long time it finally seems that Stockholm is restarting. We had that feeling in the spring of 2003 but it completely died during that summer. August and early September where awful. Companies died like flies all around us that autumn. Now it felt like things maybe where on […]

slaak is born

Welcome to SLAAK August 2004 This was our pilot issue for testing if there actually where some interest for a product like this. There was! We had some feedback, the most important was that some people would rather have SLAAK completely in English instead of some items in Swedish and some items in English as […]