catching the wave

Welcome to SLAAK November 2004

We have worked very hard lately. Its been almost constantly seven-day weeks and 14-16 hour days. Which is the reason this issue is so delayed and shorter than usual. And a lot of other people we know are doing the same at the moment. The reason? Much more customer related work, and so many internal development project going on. And everything has to finish in no time. Its the race for the wave going on. The wave of rising investments in information technology, design and marketing is here, and it must be caught. There will be a second and third wave coming right after the first one, but catching the first means better profits when the second comes and potentially huge profits on the third wave. Missing the first wave will result in a delegation to sub-contractor in the second wave and thus clearly less profit. That is why the race is so hard at the moment.

It’s easy to get caught in the work and stop looking for new and inspiring information during times like this. Nothing could be more dangerous. Now, more than ever, is it necessary to be in the middle of the information flow. The wave could change direction slightly without you noticing and then you miss it. This is exactly why we created SLAAK. SLAAK is the tool that helps us all to keep our eyes on the wave and its behaviour.
This issue of SLAAK is rather crunchy, but short, so a determined grinding motion through it, is probably the best approach. Go catch the wave now, we’re doing it!

Note 2012: The whole issue is here:

Article written by Rasmus