Chaos Modeling

Chaos Modeling

How do you deal with a multitude of longterm mega trends, short-term trends, sustainable innovations, disruptive innovations, political decisions, competitors, new markets, the overall economy and your own business in the middle of it all?

You do Chaos Modeling.

What is Chaos Modeling?

Chaos Modeling is an advanced analysis and modeling technique created by SLAAK. It builds on our experience in mathematical modeling, computer simulations, intelligence analysis, game design and business wargaming. It allows us to explore extremely complex situations in open systems, while keeping track of both details and the overall picture.

When do we do Chaos Modeling?

Chaos modelling is usually an excellent method for getting a deep understanding of disruptive innovations, new business opportunities and potential threats. And it is the base from which we create more advanced analysis, wargames and recommendations for strategic decisions and actions.

Article written by SLAAK