Street Research

Street Research

Street Research is a service aimed at detecting ongoing new trends, finding new products or to establish whats actually going on in a specific place that seems to be a creative or innovative hotspot.

What is Street Research?

Street Research is either cool hunting, trend spotting, space syntax analysis, a deep anthropological study, competitive intelligence or all of them at the same time. Actually, it’s almost always all of them. Reality is a complex phenomenon with lots of cross interactions going on in any given place.

How is Street Research done?

Usually Street Research is done using a combination of Internet research and physical traveling. Some types of studies can be done by interacting with people at a specific place using social media.

We use the Internet to find things others have already detected and to identify hotspots where something undetected might be happening. Then we send trained and experienced observers to the hotspots to do street observations and interact with locals. The length of time could be hours up to several years, it depends on the purpose of the study.

Article written by SLAAK