Black Hole Investigation

Black Hole Investigation

Black Hole Investigations finds the things that will have the biggest impact on the future but is almost always undetected.

What is an Informational Black Hole?

An Informational Black Hole is a phenomenon that looks like an informational emptiness. A space without information. A space where no information origins. Or a space sending out information, but the information doesn’t make sense.

Informational Black Holes are extremely interesting and usually hold important keys to understanding the present and future. Those things that will have the biggest impact on the future is almost always undetected for very long periods because they tend to happen inside Informational Black Holes.

Creation of Black Holes

Informational Black Hole gets created by several mechanisms. They can be a sign that everyone just assume something is somebody else’s problem. In that case it’s a potential black hole, but currently just an informational emptiness created by organizational blind spots. It could also be a sign that other information is seriously wrong and that one should look for a completely different phenomenon instead.

They can also be a sign of intentional information black out, basically plain old secrecy. If something big and important is going on in secrecy it tend to be easy to detect because of rumors, but hard to explore because of security measures.

Or they can be a sign of unintentional information black out, which is one of the more common forms of Informational Black Holes. These are created when a group of people gets so immersed in a task that has a clear world-class potential that they forget to communicate with the outside world, or even if they try their communication is just weird to others. These Black Holes are usually the most important and is hard to detect early, but often easy to explore once you find them if you know how.

In general Information Black Holes are related to Organizational Blind Spots but exist on a global scale.

When do you need to do Black Hole Investigations?

Always. Black Hole detection and investigation is at the core of all meaningful futurological research, business intelligence and early warning systems aiming beyond the immediate future. If you don’t do Black Hole Investigations you don’t have a meaningful long-term strategy.

How is it done?

Black Hole Investigations are done in two distinct step, detecting and exploring, using our unique and proprietary methods.

1. Detecting informational emptiness

Detecting a Black Hole is very difficult, since you are primarily looking for the absence of information. Its done by doing extensive research into several areas of interest and map how all the information uncovered is interrelated. Done right it will result in a map with lots of missing information but clues to what it should be. Then we research that missing information too. If we can’t find it we might have found an Informational Black Hole and at least have found an informational emptiness.

2. Exploring found informationally empty spaces

Exploring a possible Informational Black Hole can be fairly easy or almost impossible. Sometimes it’s as simple as finding a person inside the Black Hole, and just asking them. At other times you have to analyze the distortion in the information space very close to the Black Hole, the peculiar information patterns caused by people and resources moving into the Black Hole and finally to creatively model the process causing the Black Holes existence. In most cases it’s a mix of both.

Article written by SLAAK