Welcome to SLAAK

SLAAK is a futures research laboratory and futures strategy consulting agency. We have over 20 years of experience in futures research and futures strategy.

Our methods are unique and very useful. They have a solid foundation in mathematics, social anthropology, modeling and simulation, intelligence analysis and complex systems theory. Most of our methods are proprietary and owned by founders Rasmus Larsson and Erika Lockne.


SLAAK was founded by Rasmus Larsson and Erika Lockne in Stockholm, Sweden 2004. SLAAK started as a research laboratory based around internet enabled methods for trendspotting, futures research and futures strategy. These methods where something Rasmus had started developing in 1996 as a management team member at Wognum Art, an internet strategy and design agency.

The history of SLAAK goes even further back to the early 1980s when Rasmus decided to write about Futures Research Theory as the theme for his high school exam paper. As a result he spent every evening during 6 months reading everything ever written about Futures Research Theory. And eventually realized three things:

1. Futures Research is not and cannot be a science in a strict meaning.

2. Those authors who have the best insights into the theory of Futures Research have absolutely no useful tools for doing meaningful futures research.

3. Those authors who do have useful and meaningful tools for futures research are either creative science fiction authors or experts in modelling and simulation.

This started a quest for better methods for futures research, a quest well into its fourth decade by now.

Article written by SLAAK