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Location, Geographic area of influence

Small Location Based Futures Study

A small location-based futures study investigates the current state of a location from an overall perspective and relates its current state to a global business intelligence and futures analysis. It’s the foundation for any resilient location-based strategy.

Awake – Early Warning

Do you just hate being surprised with bad news when its to late to do something about it? We know the feeling. What Awake is our early warning service. It’s an ongoing service where we at regular intervals take a look at your business environment, specific areas of interest to you, general trends and watch […]

Big Future Study

Big Futures Study

Sometimes you just need to have a solid understanding of where the future is heading. Big Futures Study – What & How A study like this is a major undertaking and means we have to do a lot of Street Research, Clearing Fog Research, Black Hole Investigations and Chaos Modeling. Explorative Business Wargaming and other […]