stockholm sunrise

Welcome to SLAAK October 2004
The most important observation we have done during the period of mid September to mid October is that Stockholm is clearly picking up steam now. We had a chat with our local bank manager the other day. During that chat we asked him if he had noticed any difference lately. He answered: “Are you kidding??? I have never ever had so much work to do. Every company I handle seems to invest heavily right now and none of them have any money. So everyone comes to me for more credit. I handle credit applications from early morning to late evening.”
There are other signs to as you can se in this issue and in the previous issues. You can also see there are signs of the same in Silicon Valley, California. This is really good news since the main driving forces in both areas are more or less the same. This can only mean one thing, the information technology sector is growing again. The question we all ask now is exactly what technologies and applications are the most hot this time. Some of the answers can be found in this months selected items.
You better dive in now, there are some very nice things for everyone this month. So enjoy yourself for now while we prepare the next issue.

Note 2012: The whole issue is here:

Article written by Rasmus