end of a long night

Welcome to SLAAK September 2004

After a long time it finally seems that Stockholm is restarting. We had that feeling in the spring of 2003 but it completely died during that summer. August and early September where awful. Companies died like flies all around us that autumn. Now it felt like things maybe where on the right track again this spring and we have been on the edge the whole summer hoping that we won’t have a repeat event of last summer. And we don’t. Stockholm seems more alive this August and early September than it has since 1998.

And it’s not only Stockholm, it’s the world. International media is suddenly filled with an enormous amount of noise. Although not so much interesting things can be found in this noise, except the noise itself. It’s very clear that most of the noise is a result of some serious investments in public relations. There are two types of pr-strategies clearly present at the moment. First, the massive positioning aimed at establishing presence either in the mind of potential customers or in the minds of potential investors. Second, the very aggressive pr-battles going on between two or more competitors who are trying to displace each other from any position where they can be regarded as a leader in the new upturn. We have some interesting examples of both further down in this issue.

To catch the wave you have to live in the vertigo. Our first item will take you there. So dive into some hard slaaking now, while we prepare the next issue.

Note 2012: The whole issue is here https://slaak.biz/old/newissues/slaak0409/index.html

Article written by Rasmus