the Phoenix

We’re back up with the blog.

It died, and now it’s rising out of the ashes like a Phoenix.

The reason we restarted is because there is so much confusion in the world today. There are financial crisis that never seems to end. The arab spring is completely changing the Middle East and North Africa. The global warming is threatening civilization, or is it? And there isn’t one day without headlines in media about how bad everything is and that everything is going to hell.

Problem is, it isn’t.

In many ways it has never been better than now, and there is a multitude of new opportunities everywhere. But most people are blinded and stressed out by media propaganda and cannot see the world as it is.

We want to change that.

We probably wont keep the old format with monthly issues but just keep going and then create collections of interesting subjects over time. We’re tweaking the publishing platform a bit to get the structure we want.

the Editors

Article written by Rasmus